Stellar Blade is intended for adults due to “sexual expression” and violence

There’s less and less time left before the release of Shift Up studio’s latest game. The rating committee from Korea paid special attention to several important elements of the game.

Game release date: 26 April 2024

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

According to South Korea’s rating commission GRAC, the developers have touched on explicit themes in this game, with scenes of violence and cruelty, sexualisation and even nudity. In general, by all appearances, on the 26th of April we will get a sexy game with a sexy heroine, which will compete with the popular 2B for gamers’ attention. By the way, ESRB gave the game a rating of M, that is, 17)+. Judging by the description, players will be able to find complex moral dilemmas in the story, if they are distracted from the contemplation of juicy forms of the protagonist.

Stellar Blade New Gameplay Overview 

The character of Eva, a female warrior of the 7th Airborne Division, arouses a lot of interest, and first of all, it concerns her physical data. The developers do not hide that they paid special attention to attractiveness, not only because of the real model, who provided her body to the project, but also with refinements, including buttocks. These initiatives influenced the perception of the picture.

Stellar Blade received an “18+” rating from Korea, where the commission felt that the game was intended for an adult audience. The reason for the assignment is the apparent excessive violence (dismemberment and use of red blood) and “direct sexual expression”. There is significant nudity of female characters.

Stellar Blade will be translated into 22 languages with 9 voiceovers

In recent days, the developers of Stellar Blade have been revealing more and more details about their upcoming game. Now we learned that the project will receive 22 localisations at once. 13 of them are purely textual, and the remaining 9 will get full-fledged voiceovers. At the moment we know only about English, Korean and Japanese voiceovers of the project, and that’s why the remaining 6 from the list are unknown to us. It is also stated that the voice-overs will get full synchronisation with character facial animations.

As for the odd decisions, it’s the exclusivity of Japanese voice acting for Stellar Blade exclusively in Japan. In other regions, as it is stated, you can’t listen to Japanese voice acting because of “availability of voice actors only in Japan”. Whatever that means.


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