Silent Hill: The Short Message is out for free on PS5, Silent Hill 2 remake is still in development (action trailer shown)

During the PlayStation State of Play event, Sony and Konami talked about two Silent Hill games at once and showed their trailers.

Silent Hill: The Short Message

This is a brand new game in the Silent Hill franchise. It is a short experimental game designed to familiarize newcomers with the peculiarities of the foggy city. In addition, this experimental project helped new developers who are Silent Hill fans to get some hands-on experience with the franchise. The team also wanted to explore how social media could fit into a psychological horror (in the trailer, the heroine uses a smartphone).

Silent Hill: The Short Message is being distributed for free through the PlayStation Store and is already available exclusively for PlayStation 5.

Silent Hill 2

Sony and Konami have also unveiled a new look at the Silent Hill 2 remake, which is currently being developed by Bloober Team. The trailer shows off various locations and battles with monsters, with different weapons being used to kill them.

Unfortunately, there is no information yet about the release date of Silent Hill 2 remake. Its development was announced in October 2022.


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