Top handheld gaming consoles for 2024 and beyond

Portable gaming devices have become extremely desirable gadgets, but the sheer number of them can be a bit baffling. In this article we’ll tell you about 10 devices that are expected to be released this year (or later).

Just a few years ago it was hard to imagine that a handheld device would be able to run modern AAA-class games, but with the release of Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck – it became a reality.

Since then, the number of portable gaming devices has skyrocketed, from small retro gaming devices to full-fledged portable gaming PCs. Some of them run on Android, some on Linux, some have their own firmware.

Ayaneo was one of the first companies to market a portable gaming console. It followed the hugely successful release of the Nintendo Switch. The company was able to carve a niche for itself with Windows consoles.

The company is known for releasing multiple devices with iterative hardware upgrades and spectacular designs in a short period of time, often with the help of crowdfunding.

Ayaneo Next II

The Ayaneo Next 2 is one of many upcoming Windows-based handheld gaming consoles from the company, and one of the few with an 8-inch LCD display. The company shared a teaser of the Next 2 that hinted at the presence of trackpads like the Steam Deck, making touch-based gaming easier.

It is confirmed that the console will feature an AMD Ryzen 7000 processor and discrete Radeon 780M graphics. While the exact details of the Next 2’s configurations are unclear, it will offer a Windows alternative to Steam Deck.

Ayaneo Slide

The company unveiled the first look at the Ayaneo Slide in March this year. This console is reminiscent of the good old Nokia phones and gaming gadgets of the 90’s with a sliding display that opens up the physical keyboard.

With this retro design, Ayaneo is trying to combine the comfort of a physical keyboard with modern gaming hardware in a portable device, as typing in such a limited space is a headache for many people. Moreover, the Slide can become a workstation when needed – you can answer emails or type long messages.

The Ayaneo Slide will also have an AMD 7000 processor, and the angle of the retractable screen will be adjustable.

Ayaneo Flip

Another Windows gaming console from Ayaneo with a retro design, the Flip will be reminiscent of the Nintendo DS or GameBoy Advance SP.

The Flip will be available in two versions, the Ayaneo Flip KB Edition and the Ayaneo Flip DS Edition. The KB Edition features a foldable design with a screen that can be unfolded to reveal a full-size keyboard, while the DS Edition features a foldable design that unfolds into two screens.

Both versions of the Flip feature AMD’s flagship Ryzen 7 7840U processors, 7-inch 1080p displays, with the DS Edition having an additional 3.5-inch screen. Each device has a standard handheld console layout with dual joysticks, control buttons and will be available in classic black and white colors.

Steam Deck 2

While Valve hasn’t officially announced a release date for the successor to Steam Deck, it was mentioned in an interview that Steam Deck 2 shouldn’t be expected anytime soon.

However, Valve did confirm that a “product line” is being prepared that will be “supported for the foreseeable future” and promised to create new versions that are “even more open and functional than the first version of Steam Deck.” This effectively confirms the existence of Steam Deck 2.

While this upcoming console may carry a different name, a Steam Deck Pro variant is also a possibility.

Hopefully, this new console from Valve will be just as appreciated as the first generation Steam Deck.

Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo Switch started a new trend in 2017, and while we’ve had Switch Lite and Switch OLED variants coming out in 2019 and 2021 respectively, we’re still waiting for a successor to the original Switch.

Various rumors have repeatedly hinted that the company is indeed working on a powerful Switch Pro with a Tegra 9 SoC with various features like DLSS 2.2 and ray tracing.

While the upgrade is long overdue, concrete information about the launch or specs is needed. For now, the best we have is that Nintendo doesn’t plan to release the next generation until spring 2024.

Miyoo Mini Flip

The retro gaming console community is eagerly awaiting the release of the Miyoo Mini Flip. As the name suggests, the Mini Flip will come with a foldable body. The display on this console is expected to be a 3.5-inch LCD panel. Miyoo makes some of the most popular handheld gaming consoles in this segment, such as the Miyoo Mini Plus.

While details on the specs or release date of the Miyoo Mini Flip are not yet known, since it is focused on 8-bit/64-bit gaming, we can expect an affordable price and slightly better performing hardware than its predecessors.

Orange Pi

Orange Pi, known for its open source boards, is working on a powerful gaming handheld console. It will have a Rockchip RK3588S processor for gaming on Android/Linux or AMD Ryzen 7 7800U/6800U on Windows.

It will probably have a 7-inch LCD panel, stereo speakers, a pair of microphones, three USB-C ports and two customizable buttons on the back. The top-of-the-line Windows variant may come with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

The portable device is scheduled to go on sale in China for an estimated starting price of $217, and up to $506 for the flagship variant. When it will be released in international markets is not clear.

Orange Pi Neo: a new portable with trackpads, Ryzen 7 7840U and Manjaro OS

PocketMan P1

An unusual entrant in the handheld gaming device market is Twig Studio, which is working on a concept for a vertically oriented handheld gadget reminiscent of early Game Boy consoles.

The PocketMan P1 features four buttons, two analog sticks and a round D-pad, as well as three function buttons with asterisk, Select and Menu, and four buttons on the back of the device behind an unusual protrusion behind the screen.

The screen itself is apparently bezel-less with a 4:3 aspect ratio of 3.5 inches diagonally, a choice well proven in a number of handheld consoles over the past couple of years.

The PocketMan P1 is still only a concept, it’s unknown if and when it will go into production, or what components will be used. However, its stylish aluminum body and minimalistic design is of great interest to gaming enthusiasts.

MSI Claw

MSI is better known for its gaming laptops, motherboards and hardware collaborations these days, but now the Taiwanese manufacturer has made itself known with the Claw, its first portable gaming PC. We haven’t seen the device from all angles yet, but it includes illuminated RGB joysticks and a Steam Deck-style shape.

The MSI Claw is scheduled to be fully unveiled at CES 2024, where we’ll get a more in-depth review.

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