Street Fighter 6 sales have surpassed 3 million copies

Capcom reported 3 million copies sold of the fighting game Street Fighter 6, released in early June 2023. At the beginning of the same year, circulation reached 2 million copies, and in the fall it reached 2.47 million copies.

Total sales of the Street Fighter franchise games meanwhile exceed 50 million copies. As for the sixth installment, Capcom expects to sell 10 million copies over the life cycle of the title.

The publisher noted that Street Fighter 6 sales are steadily growing due to cybersports activity and the launch of additional content.

Street Fighter 6 has gotten a collaboration with the anime Spy x Family

Capcom has announced the launch of a collaboration between the fighting game Street Fighter 6 and the anime series Spy x Family. As of yesterday, Yor and Loyd’s hairstyles and costumes are available in the game and can be purchased from the in-game store. In addition, the studio has published two codes that can be entered in the avatar creation menu to “look just like these characters.”

  • Yor’s avatar code: SPY_SF6_YOR
  • Loyd’s avatar code: SPY_SF6_LOID

In addition, all players who log into the fighting game before January 31 will receive special items such as photo frames, stickers, and titles.

Street Fighter 6 was released on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game received good reviews from critics and gamers alike and sold 2 million copies within a month of release.

Street Fighter 6’s next paid hero will be Ed – trailer

Capcom has unveiled the trailer for the next paid hero of the first year of Street Fighter 6. In February, the roster of the fighting game will be added to the fighter Ed, who first appeared in the fourth part as a non-playable hero. He became playable in the fifth installment.

Ed will appear in Street Fighter 6 in February. The character will be available at no additional cost to owners of Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition and Year 1 Character Pass. Capcom has not announced the exact date of the hero’s appearance.

Street Fighter 6 is available on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X|S. Previous paid heroes were Rashid and A.K.I. The former appeared in the summer, the latter – in the fall.

On February 27th, Street Fighter 6 will introduce the DLC character Ed

Capcom has announced that the third DLC character for Street Fighter 6 will be available on February 27. This time Ed will be added to the game. Access to the hero will be available to owners of Deluxe and Ultimate editions, as well as owners of the Year 1 Character Pass.

Ed first appeared in the fourth installment of Street Fighter as a non-playable hero. He became playable in the fifth installment.


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