Starfield has lost 97% of Steam players in less than six months

Starfield was supposed to be Bethesda’s next big thing, on par with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But it was met with mixed reviews, and in the five months since launch it has lost over 97% of its player base on Steam.

After peaking at 330,273 concurrent Steam players shortly after launch, Starfield’s numbers have dropped to just over 9,000 (according to SteamDB). In contrast, more than 25,000 Steam players are currently playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Reviews of the game are currently mixed, which is a step up from the previous “mostly negative” reviews. And Steam’s numbers don’t take into account those who bought the game through the Xbox store or are playing it through Game Pass. But it’s still not the best case scenario for Bethesda, especially considering what those players paid for the game.

Bethesda does have big plans for Starfield, which include releasing a new update every six weeks. The last Starfield update contained over 100 fixes, though there wasn’t much additional content. There’s more on the way, including “new ways to travel” and the Shattered Space add-on.


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