Sam Lake: second DLC for Alan Wake II contains hints of the events of Control 2

Journalist eXputer interviewed Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake. Here are some curious details, including some information about DLC for Alan Wake II.

Lake doesn’t know yet if the new Remedy projects will feature musical numbers with Poets of the Fall. However, he’s sure that everyone involved would love to continue the collaboration.

AWE expansion for Control has become a teaser for Alan Wake II. That, in turn, will receive two DLC – Night Springs and Lake House. According to the developer, the second addition includes references to the Control sequel:

The expansions allow us to look at aspects of our universe that we couldn’t explore in Alan Wake II. We’re very interested in that. We’re pleased with the way that the AWE expansion for Control managed to prepare players for Alan Wake II. That said, we’re not going to do the same thing. Lake House will focus a lot on the Federal Bureau of Control and its research facility at Lake Cauldron. Also, I won’t say if it’s a lot or a little, but there will be hints of the events of the Control sequel. Be patient.

  • Perhaps a new protagonist (protagonists?) is planned for the expansions – at least Lake hasn’t denied this fan speculation.
  • The writer already has new ideas for the Remedy universe, but he can’t say for sure which ideas will come to fruition.
  • Sam Lake has started to pass Baldur’s Gate III as a half elf wizard. The developer likes the game, but he’s already worried that he won’t find time for it.

As a reminder, Alan Wake II is available on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.


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