New leak for Tekken 8: Three new characters are expected to appear in the DLC

A list of new characters that may appear in the DLC for Tekken 8 has been leaked online. Upon release, the game features 28 returning characters from past installments, one redesigned character, and three brand new fighters.

According to insider information, the new add-on will add three new characters to the game. The first one is Lydia, who debuted in Tekken 7 as a DLC hero. According to the game’s lore, she is a karate player and the Prime Minister of Poland. The second character mentioned is Fahkumram, another character from the add-on for the last installment of the game. A Thai boxing fighter fighting in the Thai military who fights for his family’s freedom. The third new character may be Marduk from the far off Tekken 4. Former undefeated champion Vale Tudo, who was caught up in a scandal after a drunken brawl in Arizona, where he killed Armor King I.

As a reminder, Tekken 8 from Bandai Namco for PC, Playstation and Xbox was released on January 26, 2024.


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